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The UK's Most Diverse Fabric Wholesaler


Our range of high quality innovative sports fabrics. ...


Our range of high quality fashion fabrics ...


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Welcome to Such Textilesthe UK's most diverse textile wholesaler

Such Textiles Ltd. is a leading UK textile company dedicated to supplying highly technical innovative sportswear fabrics and quality stock fashion fabrics to a wide range of manufacturers, store groups, retailers and brands.

We source fabrics from around the world to ensure we can supply cutting edge textiles, at excellent prices, to wherever in the world you may be manufacturing.

At Such Textiles, we have developed many exclusive sportswear fabrics such our our Skylon, Skyshell, Elite and Trackstar. We also stock many more regular lines which are of the highest quality and include airtex mesh, mock eyelet, polar fleece, microfibre and ripstop. Additionally, we stock many fashion fabrics suitable for a wide range of garments.

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Stock in the UK

We keep a large amount of stock in the UK, which we can deliver quickly to the UK. 

Worldwide Delivery

We can deliver to any location, we have a range of international couriers at our disposal.

Sourcing Service

If you don't see what you want, let us know and we can see if we can source or manufacture your desired fabric.


We can provide a range of coatings to our fabrics, to give them a water resistant or a breathable and waterproof finish.

Quilting and Bonding

Combine multiple fabrics by having them quilted or bonded.


We have a range of fabrics that are suitable for digital or sublimation printing.

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